Donald Stewart and the Tough Act He Followed

In our last edition we covered Ray Hadaway, member of Buford High School’s first football team. This issue’s article is about another Buford native, Donald Stewart, and his contribution to Buford history as a member of the 1946 Buford High Wolves football team. 17 year old Donald played half back and defensive back that season.… READ MORE

Ray Hadaway

As the Atlanta Falcons gear up to compete in the 51st Super Bowl it seems fitting to delve into the history of Buford’s own championship football team. Since 2000 the Buford High Wolves have carried home 11 state titles and amassed an overall record of 221 wins to just 14 losses. Though this is common… READ MORE

Coming Home for Celeste Allen Shadburn Moon

Celeste Shadburn was born in April, 1898 to parents Wyle Burl Shadburn (“WB”) and AliceKate Catherine Allen Shadburn (“Kate”). She was the middle child of three, but her younger brother Bruce died at the age of eleven. Afforded a life of luxury, she grew up on the garden estate of Stonehedge, trained classically for opera,… READ MORE

Recently Acquired Historic Photos

Recently Acquired Historic Photos

Probably the most important part of the Museum’s collection is the photo archive. Within our fire-rated filing cabinets, we have several thousand photographs from Buford’s past, including families, buildings, schools, landmarks, business operations, and any other aspect that you can think of when it comes to our history. We are always on the look-out for… READ MORE