America(ns) First?

Remember the good old days of U.S. car manufacturing in the late 1970s and 1980s? No? I don’t either. Those were perhaps the worst years for quality, value, and innovation in the industry’s history. Those years produced the boxy and very bad Chrysler K-car and, in the words of one automotive writer, a Ford Thunderbird… READ MORE

Boeing May Have Just Saved the World, Really

Boeing aircraft company just gave the world a Christmas present. On December 11th, it signed a deal with Iran’s state-run airline to sell 80 aircraft at a cost of $16.6 billion. I have been anxiously awaiting this announcement because of the impact it will most certainly have on the multi-lateral deal to control Iran’s nuclear… READ MORE

It’s Time for Director Comey to Go

Last week, the FBI director sent a letter to Congress reopening his investigation of Secretary Clinton’s email server because of what came to light during a separate investigation of former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s alleged prurient correspondence with a female minor. Just when you thought the campaign could go no lower, this. But neither the former… READ MORE

Citizens and Soldiers

Martin Dempsey, the retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently penned an article in Defense One titled “Keep Your Politics Private, My Fellow Generals and Admirals.” In it he is reacting to the Parties’ use of retired general officers at their respective conventions to tout the qualities of the featured candidate. Dempsey explains… READ MORE