In the online world, it’s trendy to choose a word for the year. This word should guide your aspirations for the coming days, a daily reminder rather than a resolution. In the past, I’ve chosen content, hope and new. My husband chuckled when I told him that because, this year, new definitely happened. Maybe because… READ MORE

Best Part of My Journey

We had seized the day—opportunities homeschool and my mother’s National Park connections afford us—and went up to D.C. last week for the Lighting of the National Christmas Tree. Ask my twelve-year old what she liked best, but don’t believe political leanings have anything to do with her answer. Most twelve-year olds would rather see Kelly… READ MORE

Start Small

Gracious, is there anyone these days without a thought on how I, you, and everyone else should handle life? I’ve got plenty opinions myself, though my people–pleaser temperament often keeps my voice quiet and my head down. Don’t want to stir up any conflict, you know. Clearly, I’ll never go into politics. The older I… READ MORE